Foremost Energy Group delivers expert energy savings, efficiency, and management. We help commercial properties reduce their energy footprint and get more out of their electric and natural gas budgets.

Energy Procurement

Foremost Energy Group has direct relationships with over forty of the nation’s leading retail electric and natural gas suppliers. Foremost Energy Group is a procurement platform that gives commercial customers direct access to suppliers, best practices, and industry insights.

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Energy Efficiency

For property owners and managers interested in reducing their energy footprint, but have a limited budget, we have sourced the proven energy solutions that provide savings of 10% to 20% or more. Most upgrades have a ROI of three years or less and require no out-of-pocket costs.

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Bill Auditing

Over 80% of organizations are overcharged on their utility bills due to miscalculations and discrepancies billed by their utility and service providers. Discrepancies and errors in rate codes, taxes, and usage can lead to you over-paying
tens-of-thousands of dollars. We can help you find and retrieve real dollars.

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