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Energy efficiency and renewable energy projects significantly offset electricity use, reduce monthly energy spend, and create a lasting impact on the environment. Verde Solutions works closely with its clients to develop comprehensive strategies that pave the way to energy self-sufficiency.

Solar Solutions

Companies with high peak electricity demand can benefit from the long-term energy self-sufficiency that solar solutions provider. The ability to lock in electrical rates at today’s pricing eliminates the costs associated with increasing rates. Solar systems also produce electricity for companies well beyond the ROI.

Our Solar Solutions:

  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage
  • EV Charging Stations
  • Solar Structures
  • Peak Demand Reduction Strategies

Cogeneration Solutions

The concept of combined heat and power or cogeneration is simple: Why use 3 fuels when you can use one? Combined cooling, heat and power is the simultaneous production of electrical and thermal energy from a single fuel source. Cogeneration is not an energy source itself, but rather more of an energy multiplier, squeezing more usable energy out of each unit of fuel most everywhere it is applied.

HVAC Solutions

Our engineers have had a leading role in the design and engineering of projects of varying size and complexity, which include commercial, institutional and industrial facilities.

We specialize in systems using advanced technologies such as:

  • Computerized controls
  • Variable air volume (VAV) systems
  • Variable volume pumping
  • Building automation systems

LED Solutions

Benefits Of LED

Today, light can do so much more than brighten our path. It can lighten our impact on the environment. Make our parking lots more secure. Or boost the productivity of our workspaces. Innovative LED lighting solutions help business owners make a powerful impact on their energy and cost savings.

Economic: Save Money

  • Reduced Energy costs upto 80%
  • Extended lifecycle of 50,000 hour or more
  • Durability and resistant breakage

Case Studies


Businesses today are exploring innovative ways to enhance employee productivity and well-being while maintaining a focus on energy savings, improved operational efficiency, and space optimization. Verde Solutions will help companies identify sustainability goals and build a strategic approach to achieving them. By streamlining operations and integrating building systems you can enhance productivity and stand out as a technology leader.


Better lighting for better results Scrutinizing cost across every process is how companies stay strong in industry. Lighting can account for up to 80% of a facilities energy bill so creating an innovative, efficient and cost-effective system is crucial to ensure productivity is up and cost are down. Verde Solutions can help make an enormous impact on your bottom line, reducing operational costs, keeping your employees safer on the work floor and improve productivity.


Cost effective, sustainable, and smart Educational facilities and schools fulfill a unique role in society. From primary schools to universities Verde Solutions, has an array of innovative energy-saving technologies that can enhance the learning environment and help students feel safe on campus. We help create inviting outdoor areas and indoor spaces that inspire concentration and focus to support your educational objectives for today, tomorrow and the future.


Lighting the way to healthier living Lighting plays a key role in healthcare, improving both the patient experience and the staff’s ability to provide higher levels of care. Not only a sustainable choice, LED lighting can enhance a healing environment and reduce costs by saving energy and improving operational efficiency. Verde can help create a welcoming ambiance when a patient checks in, support patient healing during their stay as well as ensure staff and visitors feel safe while on campus.


Creating a unique and memorable experience for every guest is key to ensuring customer loyalty. At the same time, a focus on costs and sustainable solutions is important to your bottom line. Verde Solutions can help you welcome, guide, and entertain every guest who walks through your door – all while saving on energy and operational costs. From personalized in-room lighting to wayfinding and displays, we’re here to help make your hotel a destination to remember.


Public spaces and buildings are an important part of the fabric of our cities and towns. Verde Solutions can help create welcoming, fun and inspiring environments that feel safer and more inviting. With innovative lighting systems, you can create urban outdoor spaces that boost tourism and economic development, while saving energy and reducing your environmental impact.